WENEXT focuses on employee loyalty and
happiness to ensure business sustainability
and growth: To empower our employees,
we have implemented a fully automated HR and
ERP platform to manage candidates and
employees life-cycle, including:
Strategy Consulting
WEReward Plan:
Our employees are entitled with a reward
plan based on following criteria:
-Personal Achievement
-Employee Loyalty
Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting
WECareer Program:
Our HR ERP will design a career plan to develop
and strengthen employees’ skills by offering
them relevant trainings, webinars and
WECertifications to uplift their capabilities and
allow them to perform high quality services
Strategy Consulting
WEToken Offering:
WE are giving access to a digital asset class as a
utility token, which will be distributed to our employees
as part of the WEREWARD plan, giving them access to
any early stage Optio Subscription as a PRE IPO (Initial Public Offering)
Strategy Consulting